Curry Dishes - Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

India, the land of the spices, has been the nerve center of the spice trade for a long time. It is this spice trade that led to the invasion of India by other countries as well as the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. The spice history is long and quite complicated, so rather than get into it I have decided to give a short note on some of the major spices found in India.

Usage - Green cardamom is used mainly as a flavoring agent and it is best stored in its pod itself. Typically the pod should be opened just before the green cardamom is to indian lamb curry be added to the dish be it a Kheer or a glass of Chai. To get the best optimum effect, it is better to just crack the pod and add the whole thing into the dish.

Saute the lamb shanks in the oil in a skillet over a moderate to high heat. Turn them often, cooking them until they are browned all over. Transfer the lamb to a crockpot. Add the onions.

What you get - As far as the food is concerned, the multi-cuisine spread is exhaustive, with around 400 dishes to choose from. Apart from the regular indian lamb curry crock pot and Continental fare, you could even go for the special Italian and Thai cuisine that it serves.

The resort even offers a laundry and dry cleaning, secretarial services and 24-hour room service. The resort might also arrange for car rentals and city tours. Their restaurant offers an assortment of dishes, from easy leftover lamb curry, Mughlai to Continental and Chinese dishes.

These ovens come with a beginners cooking manual but if you really want to get into this cooking method I would recommend another cook book. I would get a book that goes in depth with cooking lamb, steaks, scallops, chicken and pork.

Aal Izzz Well: This Swadanand Kirkire written song caught the spirit of the nation just too well. Be it "I care a damn for worries in life" attitude, the song was just right for a nation like India with a huge young population.

But please crosscheck the bill, as the names appear similar to first-timers. They billed us for a non-vegetarian dish though we had ordered for a vegetarian one. You will find a lot of Malaysians frequent this restaurant so the food must definitely taste like home-food for them. And valet parking is available. This restaurant is worth going back to anytime.